Welcome to Gay Teaser Network !

Teaser ADS - a new kind of old Banners advertising with greater capacity and smaller size.
Gay Teaser Network - provides a unique opportunity to exchange gay traffic and get to his new and unique visitors!
Now bringing exclusive gay traffic to their sites and blogs have become much easier with the Gay Teaser Network
Teaser ads at the moment is the best way to attract visitors.

What sites accept our network?
  • We accept only gay websites and blogs
  • Websites can be any attendance
  • Do not accept websites in Russian language
High filtration from bots, please be sure to your site will get only the target visitor.

Teaser ads, to date, the clickable format, due to the popularity of informers, blogs and informative websites that use pictures with a description of how to "content linkator". Thus, users GayPics.BIZ receive the information described in the banner and do not take teaser block as advertising, that increases the output of-return and exchange of traffic is much more!

Examples of Teasers